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Carlisle Bay


CONCH takes it's inspiration from the unique and unparalleled beauty of Carlisle Bay, drawing upon the rich symbolism embedded in the natural form of the conch shell. This piece is a testament to the serene haven and shelter that the resort provides, evoking a sense of peace and tranquility that mirrors the tranquil allure and serenity of the Caribbean Sea.

The conch shell, with its intricate spirals and natural elegance, serves as a precious emblem in this work. It is one of the largest molluscs native to the Caribbean Sea and northwestern Atlantic Ocean; interconnecting these two unique geographies. It represents the rare and exquisite beauty that one encounters in this unique area; a place where every detail is meticulously crafted to offer a sanctuary from the world, much like the conch shell offers shelter to the marine life within. This preciousness is akin to the unparalleled experience of Carlisle Bay, where unique attributes of elegance and nature harmoniously coexist.

Furthermore, CONCH carries a deeper mythological significance. In ancient lore, Neptune, the god of the sea, used the conch as a tool to calm the tumultuous waters. This powerful imagery resonates with the role of Carlisle Bay as a place of refuge and tranquility, where the stresses of life are soothed away, leaving only calm and relaxation. CONCH strives to capture this essence, embodying the conch's calming influence and its historical symbolism as a harbinger of peace.

Through this piece, I aim to encapsulate the essence of the resort; a haven of beauty, peace, and serenity. The conch, in its timeless form, becomes a symbol of the unique and precious experiences that Carlisle Bay exudes, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in a world where serenity and nature are in perfect harmony.



‘Conch’ by Artist Alva Gallagher, encapsulates the collective spirit and unique atmosphere of the unparalleled surrounds of Carlisle Bay. The 3ft tall cast bronze and honed limestone sculpture will mirror the elegance and harmony of the space harmonising it with the stunning natural surrounds both internally and eternally. The sculpture will have a subsurface fixing welded to its base point and fixed into its own stone limestone base, a stone that further complements the surrounds. The inner shell will glow in polished bronze echoing the inner glow activated by the Spa experience.


IMG_3522 copy.HEIC
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